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Regarding the slot machine, the most important thing is that you can play on any number of paylines from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 15. The betting options range from 1.00 credit per line to 10.00 credit per line, which effectively means that the minimum bet offered when all paylines are active is 15.00 points, and the maximum bet is 150.00 points-for high bets , This is a good bet, despite seeing some smaller options for more casual gamblers. Again, a high volatility slot like this will not fully appeal to players who are fun to spin it. That's because the game tends to inhibit victory and rarely provide large rewards. However, the maximum prize amount is 5,000 times the bet amount, so it has a certain winning potential.

Fortunately, this slot machine provides some additional bonus features that can help players get through the difficulties until the big jackpots flood in. The main bonus element is a round of 10 free spins. Every time three scattered flower icons appear anywhere on the reel, a spin will be triggered. However, this is not an ordinary free spin, because usually a mysterious scatter point is randomly selected from the regular game symbols; whenever three or more appear on the reels (regardless of the payline position), this icon will have scatter The ability to point graphs to reward the total bet win. An obvious omission in the game paytable is a wild symbol, which can be linked with other icons to complete the winning on the pay line. In other words, spinners will have a chance to win more through simple gambling games. This 50/50 red or black gambling has a double cap of 750.00 points.

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