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The Panther Moon slot machine is at the higher end of the variance scale, which means you really have to wait for the free spin symbols to win the big win. This is not to say that you can't get a decent victory in the basic game, because the wilderness has a double multiplier, but the free spins game is indeed where these 15 payline games are located. The reason why free spins is particularly exciting is that you get extra scatter points and a 3x multiplier.

Panther Moon will not try its best to impress you. It has 15 paylines, barren, scattered and free spins. That's it. Therefore, it may not attract you for such a long time, especially for those who are used to games with more bonus features, such as NetEnt's South Park Reel Chaos, but when you hit the free spins, it will definitely attract You are a lot.

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