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In fact, this slot machine is for celebration. With the celebration of the Chinese New Year as the central theme, players who have more than one year will be able to experience all the sights and sounds of the traditional Chinese dance party. Some of the game symbols that helped the game start depict culturally related objects such as cherry blossoms, Chinese lanterns and even some red envelopes-traditionally filled with money for children. This is not only an economic gift, but it is said that the envelope can resist demons. This may not help children buy new phones, but we think it is also very convenient!

Now, this is an interesting fact for you: in Chinese, the pronunciation of the word "abundance" is the same as the pronunciation of the word "fish". Therefore, why must a fish dish be placed on the menu at every Chinese New Year celebration. This may be why the wild symbol of this slot machine is depicted as a fish, because it will help increase the bucket load when replacing other symbols to complete the win.

The only icon that is not affected by the fishy wild is the scatter symbol of the game-represented by the Chinese character of "Nian Nian You Yu". This symbol will pay the total bet multiplier prize without having to wait in line for a valid payline. In fact, two scattered points at any position will return the total bet, three scattered points will grant 5 times the total bet bonus, four scattered points will pay 10 times, and five scattered points will be returned 100 times.

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