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Let's start with the best bonus-and then return to the backstage of Marilyn Monroe's locker room. To get this bonus, you need at least 3 special scatter symbols. These are named after Marilyn under the pink neon lights. You will see a door with stars open on it. The door opens. There is a piece of Marilyn Monroe with 5 Polaroid photos on it, dressed in different costumes. You can click on two of the photos. They will combine to provide you with many free spins and a win-win situation. Both can be higher. The best result is 50 free spins, multiplied by 10 times the win rate.

You can control the number of winning lines in this game. The default is 20, and is the largest possible number. Each line has only 1c bet, and all players of different capital levels can bear the trouble of this game. There are 5 turntables, each with the usual 3 symbols. Using the standard autoplay option, you can select up to 99 spins without clicking the play button.

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