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In most slot machines we have played, the goal is simple. You look at the screen and try to match the same symbols from left to right on the payline. In fact, this format is so common that it can almost be assumed that any game you play will use this structure, and all changes need to be clearly stated before playing the game. The green machine is like that. Of course, it is technically a five-axis slot, but other than that, it has little resemblance to the machine you may be used to.

After selecting the points to be played, you can rotate the reels! You will soon discover that most of the "symbols" on this computer are actually spaces. It is quite common to play all five reels, watch them spin and stop, and then see no blank space (the inside of the green oval) on the screen at all. However, there are some bonus positions hidden in these blanks. For a 1 dollar spin, the starting price is only 1 dollar, but a single symbol position may contain hundreds or even thousands of prizes. The typical maximum prize is $5,000, although it is possible to be hit multiple times even in the same spin. Every time you hit one of these dollar amounts on an active reel, in any of the three symbol positions, you will win the listed prize. This is all you need to do: there is no need to match, every symbol that appears will win you a prize. At each spin, once the reels stop, all the rewards you revealed will be awarded to you, totaled and added to your balance. If you play less than five full credits, all the reels will still rotate, which means you may see some "almost missed" on the unplayed part of the display.

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