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For players who have used the oriental theme to explore slot machines online before, it is not surprising that the rooster is the protagonist of this show. However, for those punters who are not familiar with the oriental themed slot machine world and the entire Chinese culture, the theme of "rooster" revolves around the rooster, which is the tenth animal in the Chinese Zodiac. The theme of the "rooster" video ad slot is also deeper than most ad slots, combining the design of the rooster to introduce different elements and symbols.

There are 5 rooster symbols in the payroll; they represent fire, earth, water, wood and metal. Each rooster is professionally designed, bringing new meaning to the element rooster in Chinese culture. Adding the rooster to the base game paytable is the Chinese pendant and the 5 card symbols from A to 10. The theme of the card symbol is only mild, but in sharp contrast to the dark color palette used to create the rooster. Overall, the salary scale is very effective in formulating themes, especially when combined with an amazing oriental theme background.

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