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The leopard is one of the most beautiful and elegant animals in the world, so it certainly deserves to play a major role in a slot game. Panthera Pardus is an online slot game made by Gamingsoft. The story is as follows. The game has beautiful graphics, including cartoon icons, dark scrolls and purple snowy backgrounds.

Panthera Pardus has 5 reels and 50 paylines. It also has nine common symbols-five playing cards and four leopard images in different positions. The Leopard’s purple headshot is the basic symbol of the highest salary. This time, the logo of the online location represents the wild symbol. Therefore, it replaces all the lost regular symbols, but when you get at least two on the reels, it also pays the best cash prize. The sign of the leopard in the snow is the "scattered" symbol. Wait for it to fill the three central reels to activate the "free spins" mode. Don’t forget, there is also a jackpot game, which will be activated when you see three diamond jackpot symbols on the first three reels.

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