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This casino slot does bring in a lot of heat, so we need to take some water to cool it down. Looking at the screen, the players were transported to a beach in Miami or somewhere in the Caribbean, and the water seemed crystal clear. It’s actually very clear, you can see the light hitting the water and the deepest sand on the soles of your feet. The header banner "Beach Party Fever" adds a cool effect because it seems to float on the water.

As for the scrolls, you will see them in the center of the screen, with a light blue background matching the water. The symbols are based on the beach theme and you will see beach balls, umbrellas, ice cream sundaes and lifebuoys. You can also see classic inspiration symbols here, such as bells, bars and lucky seven. Fortunately, we don't have to look at the cumbersome number/letter symbols commonly found in other casino slots, because Beach Party Hot keeps things cool, clear and clear.

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