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Unlike many slot machines that use animal symbolism to build themes, the tribe of gorillas comes with a layout that is not considered standard. With 6 reels, 4 lines of symbols and 50 paylines, you can trigger victory. This is a game with a mechanical peculiar theme. The ad space features gorillas and large diamonds in the African rainforest, and may have been inspired by the 1995 Congo movie, in which high-tech gorillas and scientists searched for King Solomon’s mines in the Congolese wilderness. Regardless of the origin, the final product is a vibrant slot game, which incorporates multiple colors to create an exciting atmosphere when you play.

In addition to this "tribal" color palette, there is also a bonus slot machine, which hides 4 layers of progressive jackpots and is open to players who choose to bet more. However, even if you have never tried, this slot machine will provide you with other ways to profit from gambling by collecting wild symbols and entering the free spin rounds that come with the winning multiplier. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, make sure to check out the full review below to learn more about this "fake" slot game. The pay lines in the Gorilla Tribe slot game are fixed, so they cannot be individually deactivated to choose which ones you want to bet and change your bets more broadly. Your only control over the bet is the total bet. The minimum total bet is 0.01 points and the maximum is 200 points. When you collect a symbol combination on one of the 50 paylines, the slot will pay, starting from the leftmost reel and moving in the rightmost direction. And, if you want to play faster, or don’t press any buttons while playing, you can find turbocharger controls and controls for auto play mode on the dashboard.

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