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It does not start with a short video, but with a fixed screen. It explains the difference between ordinary wildcards and special wildcards. It also provides instructions on betting functions. All this information can be found in the game, but for some people, it can be useful to check it before you start. Especially because they can read as they wish, and have an undisturbed black background. You can also delete this profile as needed.

The music continues from the introduction. Of course suitable for the theme of the game. Its crystal echo is chilling. It is easy to mute or lower the screen volume. The background image is one of a neat cave, and the shadows of the icicles vary in shades. The 5 reels are opaque and relatively small, so you can see the details in the icicles. The name of the game is displayed on the ice cube in capital letters, and the number of paylines is different on the left and right sides.

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