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The game has 5 reels with 3 lines of symbols and 20 effective paylines. To match the theme, the scroll is set in a decorative steel frame, behind which is a mysterious sunrise background blurred between two opposing castles. The quiet and weird soundtrack gives you a fantastic experience. When you trigger a victory on the screen, you will sometimes be interrupted by the sound of the orchestra and the dragon roar. However, its charming atmosphere is not the only thing worth mentioning about this slot game, because it also contains some significant bonus features that you can enjoy.

Dragon Slot Jackpot is suitable for both desktop players and anyone who likes to play on Android or iOS phones or tablets. The game provides you with fully adjustable paylines that can be activated or deactivated as needed. The minimum bet you can make is 0.01 points per payline, and when you activate all 20 paylines, the entire betting range is 5 points per line or a total of 100 points. The theoretical RTP of Dragon Slot Jackpot is 96.59%, which is not bad considering you have three different jackpots. However, as stated in the game's information sheet, the more bets you place, the greater the chance of triggering a jackpot in this online slot game.

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