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"Fruit Mania" produced by Wazdan is one of the latest fruit slot games, a unique fusion of the more traditional fruit slot machines in the past and the updated video slot machine style. But does Fruit Mania make you feel fresh or sweet and sour? This is Wazdan's review of the Fruit Mania slot machine and what the game expected. The matrix on Fruit Mania exactly meets your expectations: many fruit symbols that you will be familiar with when playing fruit games in the past. The design is simple, basic, no complicated graphics will affect the gameplay, and purists will be satisfied. There is no other theme, just a simple spinning reel game with a chance to win cash prizes. The classic fruit machine fans in our "Fruit Mania" review team are satisfied with the easy-to-use game.

These symbols are brightly colored, almost similar to cartoons, which adds to the appeal of the game. You will see many fruits shaking on the screen, including plums, cherries, oranges, pears and watermelons. You will also find other symbols, including various Las Vegas signs, stars, bells and diamonds! Although you can always try to use the contents of the latest online slot games on the market, this is definitely the best classic fun. It has been brought into the video slot format, bringing a more modern feel to the game. Everyone knows that winning lottery tickets means a lot of money, and this is no exception in "Fruit Mania". When testing the game, our Fruit Mania team found that the lotto symbols are the most valuable symbols on the screen. If you rotate these symbols, you may get a big prize. Pay attention to the three lotto symbols on the nine reels in front of you; they need to cross the center wheel to get the special prize. If you place the three lotto symbols in the correct position, you have a chance to choose from three lottery tickets. Choose the right person and unveil the special prize! In addition to the special lotto wins, you can still accumulate jackpots from regular lotto tickets. The payment table at the bottom right of the screen shows that there are 100 to 1000 winning numbers in each lotto ticket!

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