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Since the number of controls used is reduced, it is very easy to start a new adventure. Playtech hides the ugly-looking control panel, so it is synonymous with online slot machines and has replaced it with simplified controls. Below the grid, you can find information about the progress of the game so far: your current credit balance, valid limit and recent wins can all be clearly seen and tracked here. Then on the right side of the matrix, scroll the rotation and auto-rotation buttons into one; if you want to play manually, just click, but if you want to let go, press and hold the widget to show the options.

Then there is an arrow on the left-you can set the bet amount here and hide it neatly to keep the game immersive. Unlike other Playtech events, this slot allows you to reduce the number of paylines and improve adaptability, just use the plus or minus sign, and you can choose multiple options. The strategy for setting bets is the same.

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