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Spade Gaming has a great knack for capturing the natural beauty of the oriental scenery, and in "Superstar" they have achieved this goal again. Although you may only win money here, you will not be fascinated by yourself, but by the picturesque scenery of the fishing reel. The sky with blue sky and white clouds stretches to the vegetation and weeds, within sight. The only building that spoils the landscape is the traditional pagoda, which creates a very real feeling.

There is no doubt that you have arrived in the Far East, and the scene in front of you has a remote and calm feeling. On the scrolls, there are not so many natural scenery, but rich wealth, many of which are gilded and gilded. Among them are letters representing high-value playing cards, as well as many accidental and decorative symbols, including koi, lily, oriental style and pagoda.

Great Stars is played on 5 standard 5x3 turntables with up to 15 paylines. If you want, you can choose to use fewer paylines, using the buttons at the bottom of the screen to choose. The coin value can also be set from 0.01 to 1.00, up to 10 coins, and each valid payline can be bet. When placing a bet, please remember that everything you choose will be multiplied by the number of valid paylines, so be careful! Every valid payline in the game is the same, so you cannot choose to load more.

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