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All symbols have different values, so you will receive different rewards. Some lower-value symbols need to match three on the active payline to pay, while many higher-value symbols only need to match two. There are even fewer symbols with the highest value, and you only need to pay one to get a return. In addition to the standard symbols, the reels also contain some other symbols.

Madman can represent almost all other symbols on the board, which makes it less difficult to complete the winning line. The scatter symbol pays a multiplier for landing symbols on the board, and free spins are also distributed. Open the treasure box, see what you have won, and start free spins immediately. During the free spin period, you can re-trigger the prize, and it is possible to expand the prize again and again. Another additional benefit during free spins is the possibility of winning big prizes. Land on three jackpot symbols and you will win one of three potential jackpots, depending on the size of your bet.

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