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By falling on the winning line full of silver euro symbols, you will trigger a maximum bonus of up to 5,000 real cash-not bad for a maximum bet of 20.00. The golden euro symbol is what links you to the jackpot, and when these fall, you will win a portion of the jackpot based on the amount played. The second highest prize is 1,000, which is awarded when the victory line filled with chocolate and pistachio cubes appears. The symbols of medium value are truffles, which can go up to 200​​.00, cherry and cream swirls can go up to 150.00, and mint chickpeas can go up to 100.00. For 5 combinations, the low value symbol provides a price between 20.00 and 75.00.

Starting from the wild symbol, this fun little wreath can replace other symbols (Euro symbol) on the reels to form a complete winning combination. When you rotate the reels, the symbols will not spin as fast as a typical slot, they will fall from the air and fill the machine. When you win, these symbols will disappear and new symbols will fall into their place – This process will continue as long as a new winning combination is found.

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