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General Five Tigers has 5 reels and 15 paylines. It is a Playtech slot machine that can be rotated on all devices at 60 pence each time. With the theme of Chinese military generals, there will be 5 fixed jackpots (the jackpot for each general), and the winning amount is up to 333 times your bet. There is also the "Tiger General Free Game" feature, where you can spin until you collect 5 wilderness, and then randomly add them to 1 "Wild Tiger Super Spin" reel.

Although the five jackpots represent Playtech’s change of methods, the game controls still follow the company’s tried-and-tested method and display an arrow on the left side of the reel adjustment line betting, which changes from 0.04 to 0.40, and the right side of the reel Rotate button. Press and hold for one second to activate automatic rotation and select the number of rotations that represent you.

By the way, next to the bet control on the leftmost line is a quick button. Disabling it will disable certain sound effects and functions. Since the "Five Tigers Generals" only has 15 paylines (this number remains the same in the real way of Playtech), the maximum cost per spin is limited to 6 euros. It turns out that because of the value of the first prize generals, this does not prevent winning large sums of money.

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