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In the Egyptian spin slot, the bonus symbols look great. These are the death masks of the legendary Pharaoh Tutankhamun. When all 3 spools pass through the middle reel, they will glow brightly and present a vivid 3D effect. Then, you will go to a screen that provides you with 3 bonus game options. Here are the options:

Any wilderness that hits the wheel during this bonus period will remain in place for the rest of the spin. This is a higher variance option, just like the previous two rotations did not get, the return may be lower. On the other hand, get some help early, and the last few spins may have secured some victories. Here, wild creatures will not be locked in place, although they will expand to cover the entire reel to spin. If you get more than one, this may be good, especially when they are to the left. You will often find yourself triggering 50 victory lines simultaneously with these full roulette wilderness. This option is most similar to the base game. 15 free spins are enough to accumulate at least a few victories, and getting wild with longer chips on the reels will indeed increase your chances of getting a multi-line hit. This is the lowest variance option, it is difficult to go through 15 rotations and end up with nothing.

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