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Wu Long provides a simple gameplay, players can effortlessly helpless. The five revolving axes of the game display three symbols respectively, and there are a total of 25 paylines extending in all directions on the screen. Your goal is to place a winning combination of symbols on the activated payline in order to trigger its corresponding cash prize. Use the (+) and (-) buttons in the command bar below the reels to activate the payline and select your bet size. A larger bet also means a larger potential reward, so keep this in mind when setting up the next game. Press "Spin" to start the reels, or click "Max Bet" to go all-in and risk winning the jackpot.

Click the autoplay button to make the game follow its own course. The roulette will spin on its own and place bets until you decide to return to regular mode. No matter what you decide, your winnings will be added up and automatically transferred to your personal stash as you proceed. If you really can’t wait to see how the symbols are arranged, Turbo mode can make the reels rotate faster.

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