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The loading page is not subtle. Set in the clouds, it has a young blonde in a pink dress with a Cupid either side firing love arrows. Not forgetting the game’s name (announced out loud too) in sparkling big pink letters with a big heart in the middle. The pink continues to dominate within the main page. There are no background pictures, just a pink shade and little pink hearts. Even the 15 winning lines are shown in little pink hearts.

The game’s name has that same style at the top of the page, though this does change when mentioning benefits in the game. The 5 reels are huge, with that same sense of scale extending to the icons themselves. As nearly all the buttons are pink (Spin is red), it’s a relief that some of the icons have different colours. There’s no music either. The paytable is purple, and shows all 15 paylines in diagram form.

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