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In Asia, especially in China, the number 8 is a special number. In China, this number is strongly advocated for those who desire to maintain good luck. what is the reason? This is not clear yet, but no one can deny that due to the shape of the 8 it will always continue forward without swaying or losing its sense of direction. It is self-fulfilling; maybe this is why it is the focus of the game here?

Unlike the typical number 8, they are dragons, just in case the Eastern theme has not yet been hammered home. Although your bet is a small profit of x8, the dragon itself is the winner here. If the user wins Ssangyong, the reward for x88 will be higher, but the best that anyone hopes to have is Sanlong x888. After all, it is the name of the game. Whenever you win successfully, the reels will glow and pulse to help you recognize your victory (rather than needing any help). Then a window will appear, adding up your total. Due to the scale of the game, the visual effect of having a victory is very good, it feels like an unnecessary design element, almost redundant.

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