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In terms of appearance, "Amazon's Secret" is a good game that feels very appropriate in trying to take you into the rainforest. I like the background of the Amazon forest, jungle animals, rose flowers and jungle princesses, because it creates a great overall look for the game. The game is not only creative, but it is definitely one of the best Playtech games I have ever seen. Animation is a great way to bring this title to life, and I have to say that Playtech has done a great job of making the game run smoothly, because I played this game without any lag.

Amazon’s secret is a 5-reel, 3-line, 20-pay-line video slot filled with wild and scattered symbols. I think this combination is a good choice for games, and it can indeed play a role in execution. Playtech also provides free spins in this slot for us to use, as well as an impressive symbol of Amazon Princess as a wildcard for the game. Finding this jungle princess will double the value of any bonus combination.

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