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Using the software provided by Spade Gaming, the free Gold of Fist video slot is a masterpiece of 3D graphics, and its theme surpasses everything to bring players the best gambling experience. The background of the dojo is introduced in great detail with a translucent scroll, so players will never forget the entire content of this online casino game. The high salary symbol consists of 4 fighters. The stronger they are, the higher their value. Players can challenge the lowest-paid fighters and get up to 350 gold coins, and then go over the ninjas and boxers to reach the man with gold claws worth up to 1000 gold coins.

The theme symbols will continue throughout the game, and even the lowest paid symbols will truly remain in the golden nature of the slot machine. From gold-painted gloves and golden weights to deadly nuns, stepping into this dojo is both dangerous and beneficial. When you play "Golden Fist", make sure to turn the volume up, because there is no better way to make this fight emotional.

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