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When playing "Space Monkey", you will be attacked by the upcoming wave of free games, which is triggered by the discovery of at least three or more scattered symbols. The number of spins you get depends entirely on the number of tiles you find, 20 of which are the maximum number you want. If the task does not go well and you only match three symbols in the end, the number of spins will be reduced to only 5 rounds.

Playing with these waves is fun, because their playing itself does not cost anyone of you, but then you will have more fun. In the basic game, it is usually wild, but in the function, the other one is hell from the burning of rocket exhaust. The bonus wilderness can be displayed on the second, third and fourth reels next to the basic game tiles. They will replace all symbols other than the scatter chart, but because there are two symbols working together, you are more likely to get a bigger reward and get rewards more regularly.

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